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Superlap | Hyprez Lube Fluid

Hyprez Lube Fluid

Product Description

Engis HYPREZ® Family of Lapping Lubricants
Engis offers a complete range of lubricants, which help to maintain uniform dispersion of the diamond, improve your part finish and lower your overall lapping costs through diminished use of the diamond slurry or compound.

Hyprez Hyprelube®
Hyprelube is a high-penetration lubricant that is both oil and water soluble. This particular lubricant has unsurpassed abrasive wetting capabilities and continuous, controlled lubricity. Hyprelube can also be used with Hyprez FIVE-STAR® US, as well as L diamond compounds.

OS Type IV Lubricant
This low-viscosity, oil soluble lubricant is compatible with oil-based slurries such as our S1313-T4 and compounds such as Five Star US and L compound.

W Lubricant
This water based-fluid is slightly thicker than OS type IV and is compatible with Hyprez W compound and our S4889 slurry.

Engis can also custom blend a lubricant for your application to help optimize your process.


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